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Isfahan Naqsh –e Jahan Sq.’s Bazaars

If you discuss about Isfahan and its monuments, Naqsh –e Jahan Sq. is the first option among other monuments of the city. This square including 4 historical phenomena and suitable space is one of the most visited historical monuments of Isfahan and each year, lots of Iranian and foreign tourists come to visit this place. Naqsh –e Jahan’s Bazaars, from Gheisarieh Bazaar to square’s shops, are the popularity reasons of the city and one of the best places to buy souvenirs and first option for businessmen to buy and export goods. Each shop in the square is story teller of stories and art’s history which today is going to forgetting. On this essay we decide to walk in the all the shops of this square to show you the prettiness and special arts of this city.

Gheisarieh Bazaar, one of the most historical bazaars in Naqsh –e Jahan

This Bazaar is one of the most beautiful and oldest bazaars of Isfahan Naqsh –e Jahan and Iran. In the past this bazaar had 3 floors but today its remaining two floors only. Gheisarieh Bazaar which concluding one of the main four monuments of Naqsh –e Jahan, has glorious history and architecting. If you walk in from the gate, in front of the pool, you can see remaining painting phenomena on the roof. From the stories who toled in the era of King Abbas Safavid, when he wants to showed the glorious of this building to his guests, he brought them from the gate behind Gheisari’s Bazaar that when they wanted to come up from the stairs, visited a good view of Naqsh –e Jahan Square.

This bazaar has lots of similarities with modern malls of these days because it has different entrances unlike others. Including entrances of this bazaar we can point to Harounie, Orian, Nimavard GOlshan, MOkhles, Samavarsazan & Maghsoud Beik.

Mesgar Ha (Coppersmiths) Bazaar and visiting Isfahan’s handicrafts

Coppersmith is one of the oldest arts among the Isfahanis people and nowadays it becomes one of the monuments and handicrafts of this city. Mesgar Ha Bazaar, which it’s one of the other bazaars of Naqsh –e Jahan, is near to Aali Qapu Palace and located on the north side of the square. The other reasons that we can mention for popularity of this bazaar is the noise of hitting copper by coppersmith’s hammers.

Shops around the Naqsh –e Jahan Square

The shops which located all around the square are other bazaars of Naqsh –e Jahan and it’s always one of the visitors’ reasons who come to this square. In this shops all types of Isfahan’s handicrafts such as Ghalamkari (Calico Works) & Minakari (Enameling) are existing. If you are interesting in confectionaries and sweets, you can buy most popular souvenir of Isfahan, Gaz, with suitable price and quality.

Ameri House in Kashan

Historic House of Ameris in Kashan, is one of the biggest historic houses in Kashan which it belongs to Zandieh Dynasty that in the era of Qajar Dynasty it became larger other parts added to this house. The width of this house which located in Mir Ahmad area of Kashan, is in amount of 7 thousands square meters with vast foundation and as a whole it has 85 rooms. This house has several yards too which the oldest ones are inner and outer yards.

As it mentioned, this house like other historical houses of Kashan, including two parts of outer and inner which each parts has other parts like pool house, porch, rooms with 3 doors, and alcoves with 7 doors that located all around the yard in a complete harmonized.

Isfahan’s Central Mosque (Old Mosque)

The oldest historic house of Isfahan is should be the “Friday Mosque” or “Central Mosque” or “Old Mosque”. Now the building facades of this mosque it belongs to Seljuq Dynasty but it repaired in eras after, especially in Safavid Dynasty. The mosque has several entrances that each of them relating the mosque’s space to the parts of inner sides. All of these entrances not built on a same time and each of them built on a specific history section and related to building’s inner and outer. The Mosque’s Seraglio which it is firmed on circular piles, designed by pretty modelling which belongs to Deilamian Dynasty. It has a beautiful and popular sanctuary too which built on the order of Sultan Mohammad Khodabande and it is named “Al-Jaye-To Sanctuary”.

Flower Garden of Isfahan

“Flower Garden” is a large touristic, cultural, Training and Researching Complex who lots of people use it daily. You can see the traditional architecting of Isfahan here because in the time of building of this garden, they noticed of old garden-building style. Rocky Garden, Waterfall Garden, Herbal & Food Plants Garden and Needle-Leaved Garden are the monuments of this complex. You should visit this garden with your family and make good memories at there. Don’t forget that this complex has a Children Only Area and an Open Air Amphitheater that you can use them.

Birds Garden of Isfahan

The “Birds Garden” was built in 90’s by Municipality of Isfahan and now managed under Welfare-Recreation Org. of Municipality of Isfahan sights. The widths of this garden is about 17 thousands square meters which and surrounding located on wired net on 11 metal piles in heights of 22 meters. This garden has more than 5000 birds from different species. These birds are gathered from Iran and other countries like Australia, Indonesia, China and Tanzania.

Pol –e Khajou Bridge

Pol –e Khajou or Baba Roknoddin Bridge, is located over the Zayanderoud River and the east of Si o Se Pol Bridge and it belongs to King Abbas II of Safavid Dynasty buildings. Pol –e Khajou Bridge because of its architecting, designs and unique tile works, is more popular than other bridges over the Zayanderoud River. According to historian’s writs, The King Abbas II purpose of building this bridge was to connecting two areas called Khajou & Darvaze Hasan Abad to Takht –e Foulad & Rah –e Shiraz together. On the two east and west sides of this bridge, located a building which including several rooms, full of paintings and called Shahneshin which in that era was seating place of grandees and lords who invited and came to saw the swimming and rafting matches on artificial lake.

Vank Cathedral Museums

“Armenian Museum” which it recognized on its name, is treasure of arts and cultures of Armenians and located on Jolfa of Isfahan. Phenomena and memorials which keep in this old museum, not only is interesting from archeology and art consideration, but also tells the destiny of Armenians in long history and because of Armenian’s destiny come along to a part of Iran’s culture and history, is really sounds interesting to us. In this museum, right now, there are 700 handwritten book and more than 450 different things like images and orders of kings, antiques and painting tableaus.



Imam mosque is one of the Naqsh-e-Jahan mosques, which has been built in the Safavid era and is a good example of Islamic Architecture. This building is a timeless masterpiece of eleventh century’s Architecture and tiling. Abbasi Jame mosque located in the southern side of Naqsh-e-Jahan  Square and in the vicinity of important buildings such as Ali Qapu and Sheikh Lotfollah mosque.