Why Parvaz Aram Abi?

Destination Program Management of Parvaz Aram Abi Travel & Tour Agency


With the exception of some English speaking destination that makes it very easy to navigate on your own, in non English speaking countries it will be hard for you, but in Iran you will get the assistance offer of a Destination Program Manager (DPM) by Parvaz Aram Abi travel & Tour Agency to help navigate the terrain and explain the nuances of the culture. They will take care of all your personal needs while visiting. Here are some of the services our DPM will offer to guaranty your comfort and enjoyment during care tour in Iran:


  1. Meet and greet arriving customer at the airport
  2. Private transportation to the hotel
  3. Pre-arrange hotel check-in , booking
  4. Private transportation to-and-from doctor consultation
  5. Private transportation to-and-from medical procedure
  6. Interpretation assistance at hospital or clinic if needed
  7. Provide communication assistance, such as cell phone or 24 hour contact number
  8. Check on recuperating patient daily once procedure is performed
  9. Provide emotional support if necessary during visit
  10. Assist with local tour and excursion arrangements
  11. Provide information about local dining, shopping, and pampering facilities
  12. Provide information about local culture and customs of destination
  13. Assure that customer is comfortable and content at all times
  14. Deliver customer to airport for departure
  15. Assist customer with baggage check-in upon departure
  16. Arrange for Airport medical assistance upon departure if necessary

Why Parvaz Aram Abi?

  1. As your agent we provide personal and confidential booking and hospital registration services on your behalf
  2. We have an exclusive VIP agency agreement with Tehran’s Hospitals that offers added services that may not be available to other agents or patients
  3. Fast, informed and reliable responses to your enquiries within 24 hours
  4. Because of the importance and sensitivity of a segury we will provide you with all the relevant and up to date information from the hospital which will help you make the right decision.
  5. Giving you access to affordable surgery, treatment and a cheap luxury holiday
  6. Top quality Hotels and accommodation to choose to enhance your rest and recovery
  7. Providing discounted rates to our medical customers and their travel partners in Tehran for hotels, villas, apartments, tours, etc.
  8. Personal/or group trips to different desitinations in Iran regularly throughout the year
  9. Greeting on arrival in Tehran Airport by our staff & consultants
  10. Transfers by private car & driver to and from all medical appointments and airport transfers
  11. Translation services for your hospital appointments
  12. No hidden charges.
  13. English speaking Surgeons and Nurses.
  14. The facilities our surgeons work in provide the most modern and advanced equipment and procedures available.
  15. Notice: No cash will be taken in advance from our representatives and all your payments will be received “pay as you go” after you arrive in Iran.