Why Tourist Health in Iran?

Why Iran?

Travelers for medical care, who seek low cost rates, have the chance to choose Iran, visit this historical country and have the opportunity to be settled in the best hotels of Tehran (The capital of Iran) and hospitalized in the well-established hospitals or other medical clinics for their treatment.
Iranians are known for their hospitality, so medical travelers have to feel comfortable when touring the country. There are direct flights to Iran from all major cities in Europe and the Middle East so no long journey is needed for medical tours to Iran so delivery of medical service is quick and efficient.

Hospitals are international accredited with the latest technologies. Iran is known for its reliable treatments in the field of medicine that he ministry of Health and Medical Institution is responsible for all health issues. Doctors are of good standard studying in professional medical schools and practicing in all medical fields. Medical tourism in Iran in overall can save the medical traveler up to 70% in comparison to first class surgery performed elsewhere.

Why Parvaz Aram Abi Tourist Health Agency?

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