Our Mission

PARVAZ ARAM ABI Travel & Tour Agency mission is to inspire people to explore the world and be the first choice!

You will get more interested in a travel experience than a holiday. We are to ensure that all of our travellers will be so satisfied with our services. P.A.A. Travel provides personalized, responsive travel services basedon the priority and foremost on the travel needs of the clients and the passengers, with special attention to detail, value for cost, and professional courtesy.
We develop individual strengths with training and coaching on what we do well and how we can do better.
We evaluate ourselves on our success in our tourism development policies.
We build and maintain a tradition of personal integrity, doing what’s right for our clients and our business, respecting individuals, and being the best in what we do.
We develop strategies and plans for giving us the competitive advantages needed to meet our business objectives.
We seek significant and sustainable competitive advantages in quality, cost, and service, so as to meet our business objectives.
We creatively and aggressively market all the services and offer our clients unique benefits, distinguished by their originality, cost effectiveness and efficiency.
We develop close, mutually productive relationships with our airline, rental car, and hotel suppliers. We work with those associates in the ways that are good for our clients and passengers.
We foster a sense of urgency and receptivity to new ideas. This keeps us ahead of our competition, striving for better service and customer benefits.
We follow the principles of superior service to achieve continual improvement in everything we do. Any level of performance that we have achieved today, we know we can, and must and will surpass it tomorrow…