All About Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the most spectacular cities of Iran from the view point of tourist attractions. There are magnificent monuments, structures and bridges which belong to different eras and imperials.

Fantastic tile- works, the outstanding architecture and ornamentations of the mosques and glorious palaces, the unique Naghsh-e- Jahan Square, old colorful houses, fascinating bazaars, minarets, beautiful natural attractions of the Zayandeh Rood river, pigeon towers, wonderful old bridges all are belonged to the rich history of Iran. The city also has a wide variety of historic monuments and is known for the paintings, history and architecture which the name of some of the most important, in accordance to their construction isas below:

Main sights


Bazaar of Isfahan (Shahi Bazaar)

Qeysarie Bazaar


Marnan Bridge

Pol-e-Joui or Choobi (Joui bridge) – 1665

Pol-e Khaju (Khaju Bridge) – 1650

Pol-e Shahrestan (The Shahrestan bridge)

Si-o-Seh Pol(The Bridge of 33 Arches) – 1602

3.Churches and Cathedrals

Bedkhem Church – 1627

St. Georg Church – 17th century

St. Jakob Church _ 1607

St. Mary Church – 17th century

Vank Cathedral – 1664

4.Gardens and parks

Birds Garden

Flower Garden

Nazhvan Recreational Complex

5.Historical Houses

Alam’s House

Amin’s House

Malek Vineyard

Qazvinis’ House – 19th century

Sheykhol-Eslam’s House


Ali minaret – 11th century

Bagh-e-Ghoushkhane minaret – 14th century

ChehelDokhtaran minaret – 12 century

Dardasht minarets – 14th century

Darozziafe minarets – 14th century

MenarJonban – 14th century

Sarban minaret


Agha Nour mosque – 16th century

Hakim Mosque

Ilchi mosque

Jameh Mosque

Jarchi mosque – 1610

Lonban mosque

Maghsoudbeyk mosque – 1601

Mohammad JafarAbadei mosque – 1878

Rahim Khan mosque – 19th century

Roknolmolk mosque

Seyyed mosque – 19th century

Imam Mosque – 1629

Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque – 1618


Contemporary Arts Museum Isfahan

Isfahan City Center Museum

Museum of Decorative Arts

Natural History Museum of Isfahan – 15th century

9.Schools (Madrassa)

ChaharBagh School – early 17th century


Kassegaran school – 1694


Nimavar school – 1691

Sadr school – 19th century

10.Palaces and caravanserais

Ali Qapu (The Royal Palace) – early 17th century

ChehelSotoun (The Palace of Forty Columns) – 1647

Hasht-Behesht (The Palace of Eight Paradises) – 1669

Shah Caravanserai

Talar Ashraf (The Palace of Ashraf) – 1650



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