Ramsar Palace

Ramsar Palace Museum

was completed in 1937 and built by the order of Reza Shah as a summer residence of the king and his family in which would have monopoly of the royal family till the year of 1979 (before revolution). However, after revolution in Iran, the palace had been abandoned for almost 22 years, until in the year of 2000 and after a one-year renovation opened its door to the public as a museum.

The palace lies on the garden of 60,000 square meters in which the first modified citrus seedlings and decorative plants had been grown there by the order of Reza Shah. Ramsar Palace was built by Gharibian and under the provision of Iranian & German architectures of those periods.

One of the most beautiful spot in the garden is undoubtedly a Pine Tree with more than one-hundred year old and with half and one meters trunk known as a four horn.

There is turquoise circle pool located in front of north side of the palace keeping some Sturgeon, which accompanied 11 steps ended the beautiful Iwan in northern entrance that catch easily everyone’s eye.


The building of the Palace is rectangular form with a reception hall as well as central hall in which all floors covered by wood. There are 4 astonishing marble pillars in the northern Iwan with a fantastic stucco and impressive circular arc shape that give the Palace a certain grandeur, especially, when its magnificent image can be visible through a turquoise pool.

The marble statue of the tigers sitting in both side of the southern stairways are another impressive spot that would cause you to be amazed.

The marble statue of the tigers - Ramsar Palace

Astonishing stucco inside of the ceiling’s Palace and its walls, beautiful fireplace making up of cast iron in which its surroundings were formed by brass in addition to amazing its plaster-work, as well as valuable paintings from the most well-known artists of the world and plus to very worthy appliances are only small part of uncountable beauty of the Palace.


Lastly, Parvaze Aram Abi announces bravely that cannot be able to describe beauty of the Palace. For perception of its beauty, you ought to go there and sea its astonishing by your own eyes.

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