The Ten Most Delicious and Traditional Food in YAZD

The Ten Most Delicious and Traditional Food in YAZD

Yazd province has situated in the driest belt of world and cause of that has warm & dry summers plus cold & wet winters. People of this lovely and desert land choose their diverse variety of their dairy food in accordance with seasons. Parvaz Aram Abi invites you to try the most delicious and Traditional food of people in Yazd.

Ash-e-Shooli (Shooli Potage)

Shoolis the most common among Yazdi People. In fact, no one knows where “shooli” comes from, but everyone knows its great taste. The reasoning of the Ash-e-Shooli is vinegar but it can be replaced with pomegranate paste, or any other sour liquid. The ingredients of this nutritious food are green leaves (spinach, parsley, leek, and fenugreek), beetroot, onions, dry mint, flour, lentil, salt, turmeric, paper and vinegar or pomegranate paste.

ash-e-shooli-shooli-potage (Traditional foods Yazd)

Ash-e- Gandom (Wheat Potage)

Ash-e-Gandom is the other common delicious traditional Potage in Yazd and particularly has been served in religion ceremonies. This Potage is one of the most nutritious and oldest Potage in which its recipe has been preserved during the times. This tasty Potage includes wheat for 4 or 5 hours in water, soaked peas, lentil, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, green leaves (spinach, thyme, and pennyroyal) white beans and red kidney beans, and mung beans. This mouth-watering Potage can be cooked in different ways by adding or subtracting one of its ingredients based on individual’s palate.

ash-e-gandom-wheat-potage (Traditional foods Yazd)

Ash-e-Aloo (Plum Potage)

One the most traditional food among Yazdi People with fantastic sour taste of plum is Ash-e-Aloo. This nutritious and hematopoietic Potage creating a very warm evening atmosphere inside of the peoples’ houses in which includes peas, onion, green leaves, ground beef, rice, dry plum, turmeric, cooking oil, salt, and paper.

ash-e-aloo-plum-potage (Traditional foods Yazd)

Ash-e-Abghooreh (Verjuice Potage)

Verjuice Potage or Ash-e-Abghoorehis one of the most popular Potage not only in Yazd but also in Tabriz. When this appetizing Potage cooked in home giving good reason to each member of a family to get together in evening for anunforgettableevening meal.  Ash-e-Abghooreh was recommended by Traditional Iranian Medicine Specialists for those who have high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol because of verjuice used in it.

ash-e-abghooreh-verjuice-potage (Traditional foods Yazd)

Ash-e- Mash (Mung bean Potage)

Ash-e-Mash is one of most popular Potage among people in Yazd and Golestan Province. Quick-cooking is the significant feature of this flavorful Potage that can be served for breakfast meal. This awesome traditionalYazdi food includes rice, mung beans, green leaves (leek, paper, parsley, coriander, spinach, and mint), tomato, fried onion, salt, paper, turmeric and some oil. Parvaz Aram Abi recommends you to try such this fantastic Potage for breakfast meal.

ash-e-mash-mung-bean-potage (Traditional foods Yazd)

Ash-e- Anar (Pomegranate Potage)

One of the oldest warm and excellent food among Iranian food history is ash-e-Aaloo or pomegranate Potage that is very popular among Iranian, especially among people in Yazd and Shiraz. However, numerous variety of cooking ways has been created during the times. Lentil, split peas, juice of pomegranate, beef, and rice are the most importance of this delicious Potage.

ash-e-anar-pomegranate-potage (Traditional foods Yazd)

Gheimeh-Nokhod Stew

One of unforgettable and traditional Stew in Yazd that is strongly recommended to all tourists who visit this spectacular land is Gheimeh-Nokhod Stew. Split peas, lamb, tomato paste, dried limes, saffron, potato, onion, turmeric, salt and paper are crucial ingredients for cooking this mouth-watering Stew.

gheimeh-nokhod-stew (Traditional foods Yazd)

Beh-Aaloo Stew

The sweet taste of Beh (means quince) and sour taste of Aaloo (plum) give fantastic and sour-sweet taste to this awesome and traditional food. Tempting aroma of Beh-Aalo has a potential power to attract so many palates. Plum, split peas, onion, oil, lamb, turmeric, saffron, tomato paste, sugar, black paper, ginger, lemon juice are among the ingredients of this delicious food.  If you have a travel to Yazd in Autumn, try to test this unique and luscious food.

beh-aaloo-stew (Traditional foods Yazd)

Ghalieh-Kadoo (Pumpkin Stew)

Gheimeh-Kadooconsiders as anti-cancer cause of its rich-antioxidants because of squashes used in it. This food is more common especially in Autumn. Turmeric, Squash, red kidney beans, mung beans, paper, salt, cinnamon, walnut and coconut powder are among the most ingredients of this tasty food which is full of vitamin E&A and good for flu and cold.

ghalyeh-kadoo (Traditional foods Yazd)


Koofteh-Nokhod is the other traditional food in Yazd which can be attracts to many different Palate cause of its most fantastic taste. This delicious food includes minced meat, onion, chickpea flour, herbs (like leek, parsley), salt as well as pepper and turmeric.

koofteh-nokhod (Traditional foods Yazd)

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