RIG-E JENN , Mysterious desert in Iran

RIG-E JENN , Mysterious desert in Iran

Awesome and unforgettable experience of exploring the world’s most pristine desert can become one of the best experiences that you ever had which people historically believed it is a place where demons and evil spirits live in. Some residences in neighboring villages and towns still hold similar ideas and strongly believed that “Rig-e-Jenn” is the cursed region.

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Salt marshes covered most of the land swallowed up many who wished to explore the mysterious land may be one of major reason for such these ideas. Rig-e-Jenn is a vast desert covered by moving sand dunes that have been walked by human only a few years ago. This pristine and untouched desert situated in middle of Dasht-e-Kavir (central desert in Iran) and due to lack of water sources, intense heat, and relatively big size considered one the hardest desert among the others to cross.

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Sand dunes, dry riverbeds, salt plains, rare vegetation, hard and often dried and cracked mud surfaces are the major characteristics of this awesome desert. Another remarkable sight of the desert is mini-mountains which nowadays, have been reduced its number due to constant sand erosion.

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Although vast surfaces of the area is devoid of flora and fauna, but due to little available information of its plants and wildlife, scorpions, phrynocephalus (medium-sized Lizards), and other Persian organs in nearby areas have been observed.

Rig-e-Jenn is also called the Iranian Bermuda Triangle due to sand dunes and horrible salt marshes that swallow up every living creature. Sinking in sands and swaps can be most dangerous disaster happing to inexperienced tourists that easily caused them to die. Malek-Abad, Mohammad-Abad Koureh-Gaz village as well as Ashin and Baba Khaled are among the villages to access the desert.

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Panoramic view of sunrise & sunset, the picturesque of its night sky with its fabulous stars through oceans of dunes, undoubtedly will be become a memory tour that you have ever experienced.

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If you want to cross the desert, you need reliable 4WD well-equipped cars, large amount of water, enough fuel, food, suitable cloths, shovel, accurate map of the area, compass, GPS, satellite mobile, first aid kit, a very professional team, and experienced leader who knows Rig-e-Jenn very well.

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