Jameh Mosque

Jameh Mosque

Jameh Mosque is one of the historical monuments of Tabriz but its date of construction is not known. Since its foundation, it has been surrounded by a market. The most ancient part of this mosque is its vast roofed area. It has an arch and domes, based on octagonal brick pillars, and covered with delicate and artistic plaster work of the 5th century AH (after hegira).

This mosque was repaired during the rule of Mongol Ilkhanid Dynasty, which built additional sections to this mosque. Its high-altitude altar and plaster work are reminders of that era. During the rule of Ak Koyunlu, in the former undivided Azarbaijan province, a tall, tiled dome was built in the northern corner of this mosque–the remains of which can be currently observed.

During the 1193 AH earthquake, which damaged many Tabriz buildings, this mosque was partly damaged. The current mosque was constructed following the quake during the early years of the rule of Qajar Dynasty. It is one of the good works of art dating back to the Qajarid Era. Its height, solid structure and merited architecture makes for a compelling view and experts admire the skills of its architect.

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