Other Attractions of Shiraz

Other Attractions of Shiraz

Other Attractions of Shiraz can be listed as below:

1.Vakil Bath

Vakil bath is a typical traditional public bath in Shiraz. It was a part of the royal district constructed during Karim Khan Zand’s reign, which includes Arg of Karim Khan (Karim Khan Citadel), Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque and many other administrative buildings.

2.Vakil Bazaar

Most tourists go shopping in Vakil bazaar. It has its own charm; you are going to explore this bazaar for shopping at reasonable prices. You will also be amazed by the fascinating high-arched ceilings of Vakil Bazaar in the southern section.

Soon after entering, you can see a dome with a junction underneath. It gives you an idea of the passageways crossing the main one offering similar items, workshops and warehouses. Proceed to the end of this passageway and you will see dozens of fabric stores selling glittering materials.

There is also a traditional caravansary located in this beautiful bazaar, that you can see the astonishing set of stores offering Iranian traditional handicrafts from carpets to enamel works and from inlaid woodworks to copper items. This colorful place, which called Saraye Moshir, is an impressive part of the bazaar and easily distinguished for its charming tile works and the pool in the middle of its courtyard. Several types of handicrafts from Fars province can be found here.


The distinguished Handicrafts of Fars have special place in international markets. Persian carpets and rugs (Kilim, Flat tapestry-woven carpets), (Gabbe, handmade thick Persian rug), Inlaid works (Khatam) and tile work are very famous.


Seven Colored Tile – work


Gereh Chini (Decorative Wood Lattice)

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