Gardens in Shiraz

Gardens in Shiraz

Some of the Gardens in Shiraz can be listed as below:

1.Eram Botanical Garden (UNESCO Word Heritage Site)

The Eram Garden is one of the most beautiful and monumental Persian Gardens. Apparently, its history goes back to the period of the Saljuq Dynasty (A.D. 1194- 1038). Since its construction and until the late 18th century, it was predominantly used by the local rulers and Persian monarchs. The main building of the garden consists of three stories. In he basement one can see a beautiful small pond while on the second floor, at the center of the building is a large porch with two high standing pillars. The presence of tall and beautiful cypress trees around the garden captures everyone’s attention. The pleasant fragrance of flower along with the song of nightingales and the alluring dance of blossoms enchant the visitors.


Qavam Orangery (Naranjestan) is one of the Qajar’s monuments, with a splendid groined ceiling; the complex of Naranjestan is arranged around a well-tended courtyard and planted with citrus trees. Its principal building stands at the back to the court, and is fronted by an ornamental pol, the building served mainly formal and central portico, flanked an array of halls and rooms on both sides. Elevated above the court level and supported by two slender, round columns, it is ascended by wide stone staircases. The remarkable artworks used in this building are seven arts of Iran including moldings, traditional painting, mirror decorating, brickwork, stone craving, tile work and woodcarving.

3.Zinat al- Molk House

It is a gorgeous traditional private house of the court governor of Fars province if Qajar era. It was part of a compound consists of an administrative building called Naranjestan Qavam and a residence part, where only close people were admitted.

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