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Masal, a lost heaven Gilan, Iran

Masal in the west of Gilan is known as a lost heaven between Iranian standing in high status of beauty that has not lost its attraction even in the sight of its residences. Masal located in Talesh Mountains that is within travelling of Rasht by only 50 km.

The language that is common between Masalian is Taleshi, and intensive agriculture & animal husbandry are the job of most Masalian because of its suitable nature.

Masal, a lost heaven Gilan, Iran

Masal can be the best option for eco-tourism because of its forest soaring, nature waterfalls, caves, wild life, pastures, and magnificent countryside. In the other hand, historical sights of Masal such as KOOL Castle, SHAHRGAH, a Cemetery belongs to Parthian in ASBEH RISEH, KHOON Valley, historical sights of KHANDILH POSHT, the countryside of DARAA, ELENZH, and the historical building of RAHIMI in BITEN SHANDERMAN and etc. are the other Spectacular part of Masal.

Masal , city of waterfalls

The city’s roof located 1 Km out of city is the magnificent part of the city in which provide a splendid perspective in front of your eyes that Parvaz Aram Abi recommends you not to miss seeing it.

Masal’s splendid waterfalls that can be seen in every parts of the city including the best waterfalls in Iran in which some of them are: VUZE waterfalls in the vicinity of ElENZEH resort in SHANDERMAN or KHOON waterfall with more than 15m, TAVALI waterfall, and RAMINEH with more than 10 meters and so on.

The biggest cave in Masal

17 caves are detected in Masal in which the biggest & glorious one located 22 Km out of the city that called AVISHO with 15 Km heights and 30-50 cm corridors in which a river follows inside of it ending to several waterfalls. There are several Lime Qandils inside of the cave in which some of their heights reach to 1 m, this cave and the length of the cave is more than 1700 m and has only been available for professional cavers. The other caves like CHOSALI and KALCHAL are the other spectacular caves in Masal that have been available for public.

Masal, a lost heaven Gilan, Iran

The other parts of Masal

Seaside Park of Masal besides KHALKAYY River is the best place for spending enjoyable evening with your family or friends.

Furthermore, ALLALEH POSHTEH heights are the other beautiful scenery where Mirza Koochak Khan Jangali, Iranian national hero in early of 20th century, was died because he got stock in its heavy blizzard and ice storm. If you go there, we recommended you visiting his tomb.

Masal, a lost heaven Gilan, Iran

Stonewall of ASBEH RISEH MALL is one the tallest rock climbing that not only providing the big chance for professional rock climbers but also giving chances to those who are interested in Kayaking in river rafting on bottom.