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Diving in Qeshm

With hearing aqua recreations, most of people remember the Kish Island, but the reality is the Qeshm Aqua Recreations is differing and interesting as much as the Kish Island is. One of the most popular Qeshm aqua recreations is diving and review the under-water life of this island. High differing in aquatic, jellyfish, sponge, small and big shells and mollusks, each of them is enough reason for diving and because of this, the island has lots of diving training centers which with 3 hours training, you will be ready for the most excitement recreations of Qeshm.

Boating in Qeshm

In addition to diving, there are other aqua recreations like boating, jet ski, banana riding and shuttle in Qeshm island with suitable price which their excitement is not less than Kish recreations. We offer, if you travel to Qeshm with any reasons, don’t miss boating and travel to Hormuz, Naz & Hengam islands and watching dolphins dancing and record best photos of your life’s album.

Qeshm’s Parks


Qeshm’s Parks are other options of recreations which has not less excitement than aqua recreation and it has suitable conditions for resting and sometimes weird and new experiences.

Qeshm’s Zeitoun (Olive) Park

One of the most popular beach parks of Qeshm with welfare and recreational facilities, is Zeitoun (Olive) Park. If you want to walking in a green space with sea view and you like to buy colorful and beautiful souvenirs of this island, and after walking taste local and south foods of Qeshm Zeitoun Park is what you want. Don’t doubt on playing in Basketball, Beach Volleyball and Futsal fields and siting at beautiful Alcoves and listening to traditional live music from the corners of the park, makes you feel awesome deep in your hearts.

Qeshm’s Crocodile Park


You can not miss the Crocodile Park from recreations list of Qeshm Island. Qeshm has one of the weirdest and popular parks of middle east, called Crocodile Park. Crocodile farming established at 2008 and at 2009 the tourism part of the park activated. Nowadays, the Crocodile Park with owning different types of animals like Crocodiles, Iguanas, Peacocks, Snakes, Turtles and secure circumstances for tourists, is one of the main Qeshm’s recreations.

Qeshm’s Botanical Museum-Garden

If you imagine when you arrive to this museum, you visit high expensive and historical things, you are really wrong because Qeshm’s Botanical Museum-Garden, is one of the largest breeding and reproduction centers of plants and flowers and because high differing of plants, it converted to museum. Green space, lake, waterfall, tunnel, cave and vast and advanced greenhouse, all gathering in Qeshm’s Botanical Museum-Garden with 30 thousand square meters width and visiting this place is one the best recreations of Qeshm.

Qeshm’s Geopark Museum

You can see unique and different biologics at Qeshm’s Geopark Museum. Since 2004, this museum listed in monuments and museums of Qeshm, in addition to different types of biologics, it shows souvenirs and handicrafts which is men and women hand arts. In recent years, visiting Qeshm’s Geopark Museum, becomes one of the main Qeshm recreations which according to provided statistics, at Nowruz time, in amount 2 thousand people come to visit different types of birds, mammals, different shells and reptiles of this museum. You can understand the prettiness of Qeshm’s recreations when spending several days at Qeshm and feel them deep in your heart. Plan your trip and grab your packs to one of the most beautiful islands of Persian Gulf and don’t worry about your accommodation, we are beside you.



Greek Ship


One of the most beautiful views who you can visit at sunset in Kish, is goodbye scene of sun behind the Greek Ship sank. The Greek Ship at 1966 moored on south-west side of the beach and still remaining and become one of the recreations and monuments of the island. This ship made by Britain and all the efforts for took out the ship was unsuccessful and remained in Persian Gulf, near beach sides of the Kish.

Birds Garden Dolphins Park (Dolphinariom)

Lots of people who travel Kish, plan their main visit program to see the Birds Garden and Dolphins Park. Specifically, if you come with your children, it would be a pleased experience for them. This complex recognized with name Dolphins Park and is one of most popular monuments of Kish. At the arrival to this complex you will go to Birds Garden. In this Garden, amount of 50 species of birds exists. Spending time between peacocks, Parrots, Pelicans and other birds which you won’t have the opportunity to visit them as always, it would be suitable experience.

On the other part of this park, you can visit the sour water aquarium that it let you see Sea Mammals such as seals, catfish, penguin and etc. Dolphin Show and Classic Show are other exhibitions of this complex.

Harireh Ancient City

This city is one of the other monuments of Kish which located on south side of the island and has some memorials of ancient architecting at the corners. From those ruins which remains, it is obvious that in the past it was a thriving area. Harireh’s antiquity is belong to 13th century and it called it is mentioned on Saadi’s Gulistan.

According to archeologist’s digging and explores, they estimated Harireh fromed about 1 thousand years ago and approximately abandoned after 600 years.

Kariz Underground City

Kariz Underground City with more than 10 thousand square meters width, nowadays recognized Kish’s Kariz. In the past Kariz meant aqueduct. The existing water in this aqueduct is sweet water and local people of island use it for drinking water. This city is one of the monuments of Kish. This underground city located in 16 meters depth and has a roof full of seashells, fusils and corals with 270 until 570 million years antiquity. This complex in 1st phase of itself, has several different parts such World & Iran handicrafts shop, traditional and modern restaurant, museum, Amphitheater and Conference salons and art galleries.

Kish Recreation Pier


One of the monuments of Kish is Local People Anthropology house of Kish which has 200 years antiquity and built with completely local architecting style at one of old districts of Kish. This house belongs to one of the popular and beloved people of Kish called “Haj Abdollah Bin Shahin” and since 2013 become the anthropology house. In this historic house you can see work and life of local mates in the past periods and being recognized with old things and tools which used for fishing, cooking, keeping and producing dates and etc.

Bicycle Riding Route

Kish’s Bicycle Riding Route is one of the longest and most scenic routes of Iran. All over this 75-kilometer route, there is no car on the way to close the route and you can take break in anywhere you want and take photos from Persian Gulf.

It doesn’t need to have bicycle by your own! You can easily rent a bike from the specific stations that located in different spots of the island. Tricycle, Double Seat Bikes and Scooter are available for hourly or daily rental.

Coral Beach

Coral Beach of Kish Island is located on the east side of island and is one of the most beautiful and popular monuments of it. At coast line, you can see alcoves and palm trees which located on an attractive view background. Seeing sunset from this place is a memorial experience. This beach is enhanced with water sports club and you can book and reserve before you arrive to this place.

Sea Turtles


Eretmochelys imbricates, between February until September, come to the secured south and west side of Kish’s Coral Beach for spawning. If you come to this side of the beach, in this period of time, you can see the turtles from far distance which swimming to the beach and digging poles for spawning.

Safari Tour of Kish

In Safari Tour of Kish, you can have exciting experience of speed and surfing with Landcruiser cars. Those who doesn’t like speed and prefer smooth and peaceful recreations can book Camel Riding tours and ride camels on a desert area, take photos and being in a different place. Riding bikes and carting are other recreations that you can experience them. You can also experience other recreations like Bungee Shooting and Paint Ball.

Baqou Village of Kish

In the past, residents of Kish were living in three rural districts at south-west, east and north-east parts of the island. Nowadays, the only remaining village from that era is Baqou Village which located on south-west of Kish Island, actually on the side of the beach which Greek Ship is there, and is still traditional. It told that the name of this village is taken from old woman called Baqou who lived there. Nowadays, except some farmer families who remain in this historic village, there is no one living in there. In the entrance space of Baqou Village, there are black camps who shows local mates living and traditions for tourists.

Kish Island Artists Passage

At west side Kish Island, there is a route for walking which in this side of the route, there are many beautiful statues from Iranian Grandees like Ms. Parving Etesami (Famous Poem), Mr. Gholamhossein Banan (Musician and Singer), Mr. Mohammadtaqi Jaafari (Wiseman), Mr. Sharif Lotfi (Musician), Mr. Hossein Behzad (Painter & Miniaturist) and other grandees which built for recognition of visitors who traveled to Kish.

Recreation Cruises & Boats

Boating in Persian Gulf is one of the other recreations in Kish Island. Night boats from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. with dinner, live music performance and comedy shows, entertaining guests. Also, aquarium boats take passengers to places which is sea creatures living place and you can see these sea creatures from near view. For using these Recreations Cruises & Boats, you just need to go to the Recreation Pier of Kish Island and enjoy all the monuments.


Diving Center of Kish from 2001 start its activities and these days by providing diving and sea recreations possibility, making good and enjoyable times for visitors. If you are interested in underwater world, you can experience this recreation at Recreation Diving Center period at Persian Gulf. Recreation Diving is good because it doesn’t need to know how to swim or diving, passing 15 minutes class of theory of how to diving, you are ready to go to underwater.

Jet Ski

If you are mad for excitement, choose Jet Ski, Jet Ski is one of most excited water sports of Kish Island.

Ski on Water

Water recreations is one of the attracted things of Kish Island which is provided for you. Ski on Water can be interested for any one but if you have not experience of this sport, its better to not use it. Possibility of this recreation is provided for those who are dominated on Ski on Water before.


Beach Drift & Ladies Club

One of the most attracted monuments of Kish Island is Beach Drift & Ladies Club. This space including foundation in width 14 thousand square meters. This club is beside a pier which is half circle, inside the sea. There are special welfare and recreations possibilities including sport and bodybuilding salon, pool, make-up and fashion salon, field for volleyball, locker room, shower and parking lot inside the club. The coast of this club has roof cover in width of 20 thousand square meters which provided free and special conditions for ladies. The coast of this beach drift because of being private and limited working hours, is very clean and original. You can easily swim between fishes and sea creatures of Persian Gulf in distance of 1 and 2 meters.

kish Tourism Attractions

Kish is a 91.5-square-kilometer resort island in the Persian Gulf. It is part of the Hormozgān Province of Iran. Due to its free trade zone status it is touted as a consumer’s paradise, with numerous malls, shopping centers, tourist attractions, and resort hotels. It has an estimated population of 26,000 residents and about 1 million people visit the island annually.